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Jeffrey Harrison Homes Commitment
Building Green Home Designs In San Antonio, Texas

Jeffrey Harrison Homes mission is to build upscale new homes in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas. Our green home designs are created for today’s lifestyle with unique architecture and leading edge technologies using modern materials while creating more energy efficient green new homes. In order to maximize energy efficiency, the company is committed to building green homes designs while becoming a leader among green home builders

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Low VOC Paints (volatile organic compounds) are the solvents in most paints that evaporate and react with other elements in the air to create ground level ozone (smog). Low VOC paints have lower odor and less impact on air quality, making it a preferred choice for home building.

MERV 7 Air Conditioner Patented Fiberglass A/C Filters are able to filter out some mold, spores, hair spray, fabric protectors and other typical controlled contaminates. This helps enhance the air quality in the home.

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Low Flow Commodes and other high efficiency toilet systems are at the forefront of the water conservation movement by utilizing the enhanced technology to maximize water efficiency.

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Distinctive Exterior Designs that stand the test of time and creates an attractive curb appeal that enhances the community streetscape.

Flexible Interior Designs that fit your lifestyle. Our homes are built with an open concept that feature kitchens opened to family rooms, private owner retreats and specialty rooms such as kid zones and craft rooms.

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Dual Purpose Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are specifically designed to alert you when smoke or carbon monoxide is present in the home.

Tamper - Resistant Electrical Outlets (also known as child-safety outlets) look like standard receptacles-but they include automatic shutters. This blocks foreign objects from touching electrically live components when inserted into
the socket.

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Built Better

Engineered Wall Panels and Roof Trusses are designed and engineered to create a structurally sound home. This helps to ensure a strong and eco-friendly framing system that minimizes material waste.

Individually Engineered Foundations are designed for each specific home site. During the construction process the foundation is inspected by a 3rd party engineer to ensure that it meets the design specifications.

Fiber Cement Siding and Soffits are produced from a mixture of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. Fiber cement siding offers the appearance of traditional wood-based siding materials with much lower maintenance requirements.

Plumbing System with PEX Tubing is designed for strength and flexibility making it desirable for plumbing projects. In addition to being quieter and cleaner, PEX is also a more corrosion and freeze resistant alternative to copper.

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Energy Star Qualified Appliances offer the benefits of energy efficiency without sacrificing features, performance, style or convenience.

Radiant Barrier Roof Decking helps block radiant heat in the roof from entering the attic, keeping the attic cooler, lowering energy costs and making the home more comfortable.

State of the art High-Efficiency Air Conditioner system will provide you with reliable cooling at money-saving energy efficiency levels.

Programmable Thermostat in your home is one of the easiest ways you can save energy and money while regulating your home's temperature around your lifestyle.

Double Pane Windows with LoE3-366 Glass and Vinyl Frames are low maintenance and provide good thermal insulation keeping heat out during the summer and in during the winter.

Home Wrap System is a weather barrier that provides balanced breathability and reliable water-resistance as well as exceptional strength and durability.